Dj Python

Dark psy Dj Python aka Gordyuchin Peter. Moscow, Russia. 25 years old.


1998-1999 - create chill out & ambient music in project Buddysense, and presentation our track on Station 106,8 FM with Dj Martin Landers soft: synth Rebirth (rb303), Frutty Loops, Sound Forge, TB-505, sampler's

2000-2006 - active psychedelic trance DJing on night trance party's how in Moscow club's & open air's, so and in Russia I love powerful psychedelic trance, played on set of the actions, the most favourite certainly with the friend Dj Skylander and on open air!

2005-2006 - DJing in the Future Trance Promotion Group and was in this group the resident (only club party)

2002-2005 - DJing on the private psychedelic trance party's and party promotion with group psy people

2007 - resident Nuclear Force Recordings and support Dj Skylander


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