Hagenith is a solo project from Andrej Tasevski.

He was born on March 18, 1990, in the town of Kumanovo, Macedonia.

Andrej started playing piano at 7 years old. He had his first touch with Psytrance in the winter 2002, when he received a MP3 compilation from Distorted Goblin. After listening psytrance for 2 years, Andrej decided to start making his own music in december 2004. He started by working on Fruity Loops 4, after some time he switched on FL 5. In early 2005, he made a step to Cubase, inspired by Distorted Goblin. His main influences are artists like Kindzadza, Tsabeat, Highko, his friend Jorge and many more. His music is classic dark with deep and trippy leads. He already worked with people like Hishiryo, Oxidelic, Distorted Goblin, Kerberos, Tsabeat, Adi, Extazya, K-Lapso, Idmercal and also Darko Janevski (friend from side project Abnormal Killers).

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