Pan Psychic


The Pan Psychic project is 2 musicians Alexei Kravchenko (1979) - unfortunately, Aleksei went away from project in 2005 but sometimes they work together, and Georgy aka Geo (1980), in 2006 his old friend and musician Ivan Fedorenko (1983) joint to group. The project started in 1999 in St. Petersburg (RU) and evolved from the techno project called "Textile". The first public performance took place in spring 2000.Pan Psychic is the first project on St. Petersburg trance scene that introduced live performance program, which consisted of their proper material only. In 2001 the first release has been published as a part of DJ Parade Euro compilation called "5th race". It's also been included as one of the best tracks compilation through the history of DJ Parade festival (2001).

Pan Psychic participated in a large number of various club events, open-air's and festivals, e. g. "DJ Parade", "Prostrancestvo", "Copper lake", etc in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia.

Now Pan Psychic is preparing a new album. It will include 10 best and most popular tracks written within the period from 1999 to 2006 "We are not, who we are" (Russian Edition).

Since 2006 Pan Psychic are residents of Shanti sound system, one of the oldest promo-groups in St. Petersburg,

Pan Psychic have performed with the following well-known musicians: Astral Projection, Total Eclipse, Human Blue, Penta, Fungus Funk, Parasense, Kindzadza, Mungusid, Loopus in fabula, Dissociactive.

Releases (in Russia and U.I.C.):

.2000. KDK rec. as part of the Textile techno project (UE.SPb) - album "Lost in Techno"
.2001. Track System & KDK rec. A track on DJ Parade Euro compilation.
.2001. Track System. A track on The Story of DJ Parade compilation.
.2002. KDK rec. A mini-album in collaboration with Aster "Trance City".
.2002. Track System & KDK rec. A track in a compilation DJ Parade Infinity.
.2003. Track System & KDK rec. A track in a compilation DJ Parade Remix.
.2003. United DJ's. A track in a compilation DJ Samadhi (Shanti s.s./Vertigo rec)-Circle of life.
.2004. Track System & KDK rec. A track in a compilation DJ Parade ExE.
.2005. Track System & KDK rec. A track in a compilation DJ Parade.

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